With just 15 minutes of your time you can make an enormous difference for the club!

Many of us are heading down to help make this year’s Channel Challenge a big success. This is a super important fundraiser for the Club, and lots of people combined have invested hundreds of volunteer hours to make it happen.

The Club is working hard to make sure that the hours we spend fundraising are as efficient as possible.

That’s why we are asking everyone (and especially anyone not making it to San Remo tomorrow) to take a few minutes and support our Goodwill Bills fundraising campaign.

It only takes 10-15 minutes to set up the club with an ongoing income stream of around $40 per year.

And in addition, we’ve found our members are saving an average of $450 per year for themselves. If you want to check how much you can save, just send a copy of your current bill to woolamai@goodwillbills.com.au

We are targeting to get 625 meters switched using the Goodwill Bills program, which will give the Club enough to purchase the new rescue boat we need. So please get your home saving and giving, and then see if you can sign up your family and friends.

For those that didn’t catch it on Facebook - here’s a little video that shows just how much we achieve with every dollar that supports the club.

Please register for free, take a look and switch to save some money and help us out:

Go to http://www.goodwillbills.com.au/wbslsc

"Goodwill Bills is an awesome idea as I pay my electricity bill anyway. So I went on the web site, got my old bill out, filled in some details, and my club gets an annual donation and I saved some $’s too. Well done Goodwill bills!"

Hamish Derricks - WBSLSC Director of Communications


Donate now and help power surf rescue for Phillip Island

Important dates


21/02/18 - 23/02/18


05/03/18 - 09/03/18


9:00 am 21/03/18 - 3:00 pm 23/03/18