Vigilance and service. I remember learning at my bronze camp that the Surf Life Saving motto is vigilance and service. This season has seen an abundance of vigilance and service from Woolamai members. Helping to provide a safe aquatic environment is the core of what we do. Our members have volunteered thousands of hours of their time to keep the public safe, develop their skills and teach the lifesavers of tomorrow. We have completed some major rescues that helped save lives. The efforts of our members during these rescues have been widely commended by many external organisations.

The early morning gathering at Woolamai the week after the drownings to be together and acknowledge the lives lost was a great reminder of the supportive spirit of the Woolamai family.

The training provided through the nipper program, lifesaving awards and seals program is probably just as valuable as our beach patrols. Well done to all the instructors, trainers and assessors.

Today, I was the first on scene at a car accident and was grateful for the first aid training I’ve had through life saving. The Alan Pitts Youth Development Fund has allowed us to support some of our outstanding members to attend district, state and national development camps to further their lifesaving knowledge and networks. A recent highlight for me was the group of “mature age bronzies” we welcomed to the club. Most of these bronzies were introduced to the club as parents of nippers. It is great to have them as fully fledged active members.

The special events ran smoothly and continue to be a great way to engage with the local community and raise money to support our lifesaving operations. The 45 seconds of panic about a potential shark sitting at the Phillip Island Swim Classic kept us on our toes, as did about 300 bags of shoes arriving in Newhaven 5 minutes before the race start. But out super proficient and dedicated team managed to ensure there was no disruption to competitors. Well done to the special events team.

We continue to make good progress on the Smith Beach Shelter. Stay tuned for opportunities to contribute to ensuring the shelter is delivered in time for next season.

It is great to see the groups that have formed to celebrate and develop our female members. Pink Zinc Day is now firmly established in the club calendar and the recent female board paddling session was well attended and lots of fun. It is time for the males in the club to get organised for their blue zinc day.

The club community has recently worked on strategies to ensure all our active members can enjoy staying at the clubhouse in a safe and fun environment. This was a productive and worthwhile process and we appreciate all the contributions. It seems now the main risk when staying at the clubhouse during a Waterman patrol is getting attacked by a zombie. It is great to see the camaraderie within patrols and friendly rivalry between patrols.

We have had a recent change over of the club’s executive support officer. I would like to thank Patricia Hanrahan for all her hard work and good humour. We look forward to you remaining part of the club community. I would also like to welcome Jade McEntee to the role and wish her luck keeping us all in line.

See you at the beach,

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