Please read the following important information for parents with Children participating in this years Nippers Program. 

Key Dates

Registration day -Nippers bag & rash vest collection

Thu 28 Dec



Age manager/assistant age manager briefing

Thu 28 Dec



Nippers day 1

Fri 29 Dec


Woolamai Waters

Nippers day 2

Sat 30 Dec


Woolamai Waters

Nippers disco night

Sat 30 Dec

Little kids disco 5.00pm

Mid-big kids disco 7.00pm


Nippers day 3

Sun 31 Dec


Woolamai Waters

Rest day

New Years Day


Nippers day 4

Have a go day

Competition day

Tue 2 Jan


Woolamai Waters

Resuscitation Award for Light Green Group –U12s

Tue 2 Jan



Ladies Night

Champagne & Sunset

*must pre-book

Tue 2 Jan



Nippers day 5

Wed 3 Jan


Woolamai Waters

Emergency Care Award for Dark Green Group –U13s

Wed 3 Jan



Dad’s Beer and Burger Night

*must pre-book

Wed 3 Jan

7.00pm onwards

Island Burger Bar

Nippers day 6

Thu 4 Jan


Woolamai Waters

Helpers Pizza Night

Thu 4 Jan

6.30pm onwards


Nippers day 7

Thu 5 Jan


Woolamai Beach –surf beach




































Where do I pick up my Nippers gear
Nippers bags and pre-ordered rash vests can be collected from the Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club between 9.30am-12.30pm on Thu 28 December.

If you cannot attend, please arrange for someone else to collect you bag and rash vest for you.  
If bags and rash vests are not collected then this creates a lot of work transporting gear to the beach. It will also create long lines at the first Nippers session which means your children may miss the first activity and/or delay the start of the program.  Please think of others and do the right thing by collecting your bags and rash vests at the right time.

Nippers tee shirts, hoodies, hats, vintage rash vests and a limited number of boys and girls bathers will be available for sale.  Some adult clothing will also be available. Some of these items will sell out quickly.

Please try to bring cash as this will make purchases quicker.  A credit card facility may be available but queues will be lengthy.

Program information
Detailed program information is available now on the Club website at A copy of this information will be provided with your Nippers bag.

Please read this information before emailing or phoning with questions about the program.

This year’s program will run for 7 days commencing on Friday 29 December 2017 and concluding on Friday 5 January 2018.  New Year’s Day will be a rest day.  

The program will then run between 9.30am and 11.45pm each day. Please note that due to our larger numbers this season some activities may run over time.

Days 1-6 of the program will be conducted at Woolamai Waters, end of Cottosloe Avenue, Cape Woolamai. The final day of the program will be run at the Surf Life Saving Club beach subject to beach conditions.  A decision on location will be made the day prior and will be announced during the program.

Check out the program information details on the website for information about:

  • Nippers Disco Night at Clubhouse– Sat 30 December
  • Have a Go Day –Tue 2 January
  • Ladies Night –Champagne & Sunset –Tue 2 January
  • Dad’s Beer & Burgers Night –Wed 3 January
  • Helpers Pizza Night –Thu 4 January
  • Final day of Nippers at Clubhouse/Surf beach –Fri 5 January

……and everything else you would like to know about the program.

Each day at the start and end of the program there will be announcements about the following day’s activities.  Please listen for up to date information.  We will also have A frame whiteboards on the beach with program information.

Which group will my child be in?
Nippers is organised into groups sorted by your child’s age as at 1/10/16:


Age group

Cap colour

5* & 6











Light blue



Dark Blue



Light Green

12 & 13


Dark Green

 *must have finished one year of school & be accompanied by a parent during all Nippers activities
Unless you’ve requested that your child be in a different age group, they will be placed in the group for their age.

On day 1, please go to the coloured flag area for your child’s age group and see one of the age managers, who will help your child to find the correct group (there will be more than one age group in each level, to ensure group sizes are manageable).  Alternatively, please go to the registration desk, and we can direct you to the right place.

How can I help?
It takes a lot of organising before the season as well as a lot of hard work during the season to deliver our Nippers program.
Thank you to the many people who have come forward and already offered to help with various tasks during the program.
On registration day if we are still short of helpers we will be asking people to help with:

  • Set up duty
  • Pack up duty
  • BBQ duty
  • Carrying the gear basket for a group
  • Washing water safety rash vests
  • Registration desk duty
  • First aid duty

All parents will be expected to help at least once with one of these tasks if they do not have other Nippers roles.
Separate Helpers Bulletins have already been sent to people who have offered help with a range of tasks before the start of the program

  • Nippers bag packers 
  • Registration day helpers
  • Transporting gear
  • Social events

Age Manager Briefing/Training
An age manager and assistant age manager briefing will be held at the Clubhouse at 7pm -9pm on Thu 28 Dec.  Age manager folders, shirts, caps and rosters will be handed out at this briefing.  The program will be explained in detail.

Included in this briefing is an upskilling/refresher course will be held.  This will be pitched at both existing and new age managers and assistants.

Water Safety
Do you have a teenager at home who isn’t doing anything much in the mornings?

We will need all ex-Nippers who have their Surf Rescue Certificate or Bronze Medallion to come and assist with water safety during the program.

We would also love to see you back to help out as assistant age managers.
This is an important way to practice your newly gained life saving qualifications and the Nippers love seeing you there.
It is also counts as patrol hours and is great to put on your resume/cv when applying for jobs.

Please be there before 9am each day.  Please bring your wetsuit.  We will supply orange water safety rash vests, caps and all equipment. Each person who helps out will receive a sausage and soft drink at the end of Nippers each day. There may even be a special thank you gift for those of you who help out every day.

If you can help with water safety then please email or just turn up

If you would like to be an assistant age manager then please email 

Surf Rescue Certificate

SRC & Nippers is different

Do you have an older child enrolled in the Surf Rescue Certificate (SRC) this year? 

If so, please be aware that it is a separate program run by the Club and is held at different times.

  • SRC starts on the same day as Nippers, on 29 December
  • It starts earlier (8.45am) and finishes later (1pm) than Nippers
  • It runs on 1 January, but in the afternoon (1.30pm-5.30pm)
  • It finishes one day before Nippers, on 2 January
  • It will be run from the Woolamai Beach SLSC clubhouse, not at Woolamai Waters

We would love to see this season’s SRC graduates help us with water safety on the last day of the Nippers program, 5 January as well as next season.

If your child (sorry teenager) did SRC last season we would like to see them help out with water safety for the whole Nippers program

Please refer to the registration email you will have been sent by the club in or after September when you registered your SRC child for further information on the SRC program.

All SRC queries can be directed to

Second hand wet suit sale
Do you have a wetsuit that your Nipper or you have outgrown?

Are you in the market for a previously loved wetsuit?

If you have a second hand wet suit you would like to sell please drop it off at the Clubhouse early on Bag Pick Up Day (Thu 28 Dec)

You will be asked to provide wetsuit details, your contact details and a price that you would like to sell the wetsuit for.

The wetsuits will be on display daily at the registration desk until sold.  All we ask is for a 20% donation from the sale.

Unsold wetsuits and monies collected must be collected from the Registration Desk before the completion the program (failing which it will be deemed to be a donation to the Club)

Resuscitation and Emergency Care Award for Light Greens (Under 12s) and Dark Greens (Under 13s)
We are very pleased to announce that this season we will be conducting a Resuscitation Award and Basic Emergency Care Award course for the older children in the Nippers program.  

The Resuscitation Award will provide participants with the knowledge and skills to perform CPR during an emergency incident.

The Light Green group will participate in this award course between 1.30pm-5.30pm on Tue 2 Jan at the Clubhouse instead of the usual beach program.

The Basic Emergency Care Award will help the participant gain knowledge and skills to deliver basic emergency care and deal with injuries at an incident scene.

The Dark Green group will participate in this award course between 1.30pm-5.30pm on Wed 3 Jan at the Clubhouse.

These are nationally recognised qualifications which will provide participants with their first step toward becoming a surf life saver.

Each course is free of charge.  Parents will be asked to fill out a course form before the course.

Please arrange drop off, pick up, a snack and drinks for your children.  Parents please be patient at pick up time as the course may run over time due to the large number of participants.

Bather donations for Vietnam
Each day over 35 children drown in Vietnam.

In order to promote water safety programs in Vietnam, Life Saving Victoria is collecting second hand bathers to donate.  Woolamai Beach SLSC is pleased to be able to support this great initiative.

We will have a collection box at the Clubhouse on Bag Pick Up Day and at the registration desk during the program.

For cultural reasons, one piece girls bathers and board shorts for boys preferred.

Welcome on board to 3 new sponsors this season

Risk Partners P/L are assisting with our bursary program offered to support local primary school children attend the program

Twisted 8 will be this season’s new Nippers bag sponsor, replacing Woolamai House

And our age managers and assistants will look fantastic this season in our new shirts proudly sponsored by Beach Style Renovations

We also have over 60 raffle prizes donated by local businesses and Nippers families and their businesses.  A full list of raffle prizes will be in your Nippers bag.

Support the businesses who support us!

Google each of these companies and find out more

Enrolment process
Enrolling 400 children into Nippers over a short period of time is a complex process.  Unfortunately we experienced a few challenges this season.

For the first time we asked Nippers families to create their own membership profiles and pay membership fees via the Life Saving Victoria membership portal.  This is in line with how most other Clubs in Victoria operate.  Whilst it has created additional steps for Nippers families it has saved Club members hundreds of hours of data entry.

Quite a number of families have yet to pay membership fees as a result of the new process.  The $30 per child and per parent/couple fee is not a new fee.  It has been charged for the past several seasons at time of Nippers enrolment (this is why Nippers enrolment fees were lower this season –we have not increased fees for 2 years)

If you have yet to pay this fee and you want to avoid a long queue at bag collection day, please do so as your children cannot join the program until the fee is paid.  

This season’s enrolment process has revealed that whilst most parents have a Working With Children Check certificate, many have not registered them with Woolamai Beach SLSC or Life Saving Victoria.  It is a legal requirement that anyone who is a member of the Club does so in order for the Club to be notified of an offence.  This is free to do via the Department of Justice website and instructions on how to do so are on our website.

Due to the high volume of people enrolling at the same time the system was unable to generate confirmation emails to all participants. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If anyone has an interest in assisting the Club in streamlining this process for next season then please get in touch via

We need your help next year as well!
Helping organise Nippers is a very rewarding and social experience.

There are lots of roles and tasks which need to be carried out between now and next season.  A number of Nippers committee members will be retiring this season after many years of service, however they will be available to help new committee members learn their roles.

During the program we will be seeking expressions of interest to form next year’s Nippers Committee.  You can do this by approaching

Jason at the registration desk or emailing

Many of the roles/tasks can be shared so no one is doing too much work –and its more fun this way. Many tasks can be carried throughout the year whenever it is convenient for you (just as long as they are completed by next season)

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Further enquiries
All information about the Nippers program will be published and regularly updated in the Nippers section of the Woolamai Beach Surf Life Saving Club website.  Go to

Regular emails will also be sent to everyone on our email list.

If you have any further queries or would like to be added to our email list please contact 
See you down the beach!