The Phillip Island Marine rescue service is finally starting to gain some momentum again after a couple of quiet seasons on the Jet Skis.

New candidates have been training every weekend for the past few weeks. Training sessions during the season and planned training during the off season will see an influx of new members to the service, as well as some existing and experienced members, making it bigger and better than ever.

The plan for the service is to have specialised Jet Ski patrols every weekend to run in conjunction with beach patrols, offering a service to the whole of Phillip Island, and to eventually have a seven days a week callout service. 

In order to make the callout service work, we will need to train local members who will be prepared to respond to incidents out of patrol times. Going ahead, the service will be a critical part of our lifesaving operations, offering an efficient and easily manoeuvrable way to respond to incidents.

-Matt Hall

Phillip Island Marine Rescue Service Coordinator