Season kicks off Saturday 28 November 2015

Requal weekend and season launch  Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 December 2015

Season close Sunday 10 April 2016

Read on to download the patrol roster, with patrol times, social and special event dates

All patrol members are responsible for checking their patrol dates. This patrol poster has been developed with the patrol captains and relevant leaders to ensure it is as fair and balanced as possible.

Social events

There are a number of social events planned for the season, see the roster for more information.

Special events

ALL MEMBERS ARE REQUIRED FOR THE SPECIAL EVENT DAYS, please note the dates for these, add them to your ‘Take Off’ from work list!

Pink zinc day

An all female patrol will run again for a single day on Saturday 16 January

Senior member patrol

On Saturday 12 March 2016, senior members, or those who have or who are patrolling for 5 years or more, are invited to come along and patrol with the non-Gerries, older crew of the club.


Click to download: Patrol roster 2015-2016 (PDF 300kb)