The SEALS program has finished for the 2015 season with enormous success. Under the guidance of Rob Murphy a select group of young lifesavers participated in a series of talks, training sessions and leadership workshops over several months. These participants have gained indefinite skills in areas of lifesaving and personal development, pushing themselves physically and mentally through various teamwork and individual excercises.

Here are two accounts from participants of the course:

"The seals program is not only a great opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and become a better surf life saver it entitles a whole lot more. A huge part of the program is getting to know yourself both physically and psychologically, enhancing the way you think and applying those new found skills to leadership situations. The program is a credit to Rob Murphy and Jackson Sinclair with highly organised sessions and amazing special guest speakers, helping to inspire and encourage you along the way. Seals is a journey broken down into various stages such as scavenger hunts, fitness, nutrition, leadership and more, it would be foolish to miss an opportunity like Seals."

Dane Ebert

"Being involved in the seals program was an incredible experience. It gave me an opportunity to explore myself as a leader and how I am able to work with others more effectively. Most importantly it taught me a lot about the island that we patrol, and how we can better improve rescues and familiarise ourselves with our environment. Lastly it was great to bond with some other great leaders at our club, and it will be great to see what everyone will do in the future of our club."

Caitlin Foot-Connolly

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