WWCC ID CardWorking with Children Check Information

The Working with Children Check (WWCC) is a State Government initiative which was introduced several years ago. It is a current check and ongoing cross-checking of criminal records for sex, drug or violence offences, with notification to LSV. The following information is provided by Life Saving Victoria.

Keeping children safe is not just a moral obligation for Life Saving Victoria and its members, the “Working With Children Act 2005” (the Act) and Life Saving Victoria (LSV) Policy (LSV-15-PP effective December 2013) requires all members 18 years and over to obtain a Working With Children Check to comply with the laws protecting children (U18) from physical and sexual harm. There are NO EXEMPTIONS under the LSV policy. This includes members whose professions require a police check for employment purposes, including teachers and police officers. Teachers and Police Officers are not exempt from a WWC Check when joining a life saving club.

Without undertaking a WWC Check there is no association between your profession as a Teacher or Police Officer and any volunteer organisation in which you participate. If you breach any laws (relevant to this check e.g. sexual misconduct) in the capacity of a Teacher or Police Officer, Life Saving Victoria and your Life Saving Club will have no way of being informed of such charges if you do not have a WWC Check. The legal ramifications for breaches of the Act include fines up to $27,000 and/or up to 2 years jail.

To ensure our members and club are operating within the legal framework, it is compulsory for all members 18 years and over to meet the WWCC requirements of LSV and the club prior to joining the club or immediately upon turning 18 years of age.

How to obtain a volunteer WWCC

NOTE: Volunteer WWCC’s are free!

1. Go to the Working With Children Check Unit website http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/home/ and read the information on how to apply for a WWCC (please remember that Teachers, Police and Public Servants are required under LSV policy to obtain a WWCC). Applicants must fill out the WWCC application form online before lodging it with Australia Post. Full instructions on this are available on the WWCC Unit website.

2. Please use the following codes:

  • Clubs and Associations – 42
  • Coaching and Tuition – 28
  • Camps (if applicable) - 10

3. To ensure that WBSLSC and LSV are notified of a breach of any laws (relevant to this check e.g. sexual misconduct) it is vital that they are both listed as volunteer organisations on your WWCC. In the ‘Details of Organisation/s’ please enter both Life Saving Victoria and WBSLSC Inc details:

  • Primary Organisation: Life Saving Victoria
  • Other Organisation: Woolamai Beach SLSC

Life Saving Victoria
PO Box 353

Phone: 03 9676 6930

Woolamai Beach SLSC
PO Box 49
SAN REMO  VIC   3925

Telephone: 0467 475 263

Email: secretary@woolamaibeach.asn.au

ABN: 32 949 554 248

Memberships cannot be accepted until the club receives the appropriate Notice of Assessment from the Department of Justice. This can take up to 60 days so we strongly recommend you apply for your WWCC well in advance of applying for membership or turning 18.

If you currently hold a valid WWCC (paid work or volunteer) you can add WBSLSC and LSV as volunteer organisations by contacting the Working With Children Check Unit on their Information Line 1300 652 879 (local call charge). The WWC Check Information Line operates from 9am to 5pm weekdays (excluding public holidays). You should ask the WWCC Unit to add Life Saving Victoria and WBSLSC as volunteer organisations to your records using the details on page 1 of this information sheet. The Department of Justice will send an assessment notice to verify this directly to the club.

Alternately you can register to use the Working With Children Check online system at https://online.justice.vic.gov.au/wwccu/login.doj?next=mycheck and add both organisations to your WWCC. Where a WWCC is required by a member and WBSLSC and LSV are not added to your WWCC, your membership application will not be accepted – NO EXEMPTIONS.

If you have moved house, changed jobs or where you volunteer you must tell the Department of Justice. Keeping your contact and child-related work details up to date is an important responsibility of WWCC cardholders and applicants so that you can be notified of changes in the status of your card and when the card is due for renewal. You must inform the Department of Justice within 21 days every time you change employers or voluntary organisation. This is a legal requirement under the Working with Children Act 2005.

You are committing an offence with financial penalties if you fail to do so. If you have moved house or changed employer or volunteer organisation you can update your details at the WWCC website http://www.workingwithchildren.vic.gov.au/home/ or call the Information Line on 1300 652 879.

What happens if you don’t receive a Card?

The WWCC looks for criminal activity relevant to the physical and sexual safety of children under 18 years of age. If a member has their application denied, they are issued with a Negative Notice by the Victorian Department of Justice. The member (applicant) and Life Saving Victoria’s CEO will be informed. It is important to understand that Life Saving Victoria maintains strict adherence to privacy legislation which regulates such personal information being broadcast to a wider audience.  If a member does have their application denied, they cannot be a member of Life Saving Victoria.